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Кольорові схеми

Розмір шрифтів


Театральна, 25
Коломия, Івано-Франківська область

Час роботи 10:00 - 18:00

Вихідний – понеділок

Вартість квитків

40 гривень

20 гривень – для студентів

15 гривень – для учнів


The Hutsul Rapsody of the Loburaks Family

National Museum hosts the Hutsul Rapsody exhibition of the Loburaks family dedicated to 780 years of the town of Kolomyia and 30 years of the Independence of Ukraine.

The artworks of the four members of the family have been put on display. Maria Loburak is a craftswoman famous for her traditional Hutsul ceramics artwork. She has been working for 40 years and her work includes church paintings, tile work, interior designs. Iaroslav Loburak and his son Oleh create fascinating, visually explosive paintings that were also put on display. Uliana Loburak, the young artist, creates artworks fro kids.

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