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Кольорові схеми

Розмір шрифтів


Театральна, 25
Коломия, Івано-Франківська область

Час роботи 10:00 - 18:00

Вихідний – понеділок

Вартість квитків

40 гривень

20 гривень – для студентів

15 гривень – для учнів


The Inclusive Museum Site

Thanks to the support of The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, The National Museum of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyy begins project to adapt the museum's website in accordance with international standards of web accessibility.

The hutsul museum website has been active since 2009. Now it is a resource with an big volume of museum and art information. Current and archival exhibitions highlights, museum events and activities, search work results and creative workshops activities presented here.  You have opportunity to view a digitized collection of folk art original works, familiarize yourself with numerous museum editions and scientific publications or even visit #HutsulMuseum on-line in a complete museum virtual tour. We strive to make our entire ocean of information modern and accessible for all Internet users, including persons with disabilities. The Inclusive IT agency, a team of testers with disabilities is involved in the project. Creating of inclusive English-language version of website will open the museum's heritage to an international audience. Art is available to everyone! We believe that this is how we take care of providing equal access to the resources of #HutsulMuseum and ensuring equal opportunities for personal development and self-realization of all citizens and communities! Wish us luck and follow the project. Join us!

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