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Кольорові схеми

Розмір шрифтів


Театральна, 25
Коломия, Івано-Франківська область

Час роботи 10:00 - 18:00

Вихідний – понеділок

Вартість квитків

40 гривень

20 гривень – для студентів

15 гривень – для учнів


Museum academy

The Legendary Museum Keeper

The personality of the National Museum’s keeper Liubomyr Krechkovskyi’s (26.12.1919 – 28.03.1999) has become a legend of the local community.

He has worked in the Museum for 53 years and each Museum worker has preserved the fond memories of his as an intelligent man and passionate patriot, good family man and a father.

He was born into a family of a Greek Catholic priest in Lviv region, joined the army during IIWW and returned home only in 1946. Having moved to Kolomyya he became the museum keeper and has has kept its sacred art collection safe at the Soviet times. Many researchers were consulted by him on the subject of the Hutsul culture of which he had a deep knowledge. He was the one who came up with the idea of preserving traditional Easter eggs and make them stay safe for over one hundred years. Over twelve thousands of pysanlas have been preserved since using his invention. 

Liubomyr Krechkovskyi was highly acknowledged as a Museum work professional and his achievement remain the source of inspiration for younger generations. 

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