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Кольорові схеми

Розмір шрифтів


Театральна, 25
Коломия, Івано-Франківська область

Час роботи 10:00 - 18:00

Вихідний – понеділок

Вартість квитків

40 гривень

20 гривень – для студентів

15 гривень – для учнів


2020 in National Hutsul Museum

  1. 03.12.2020
    Amazing world of Vasyl Perehinets experimental ceramics ⏤ detailed
    Дерев'яне панно, декороване керамічною рибою у червоно-зеленій кольоровій гамі

    Amazing world of Vasyl Perehinets experimental ceramics

    Opening of Vasyl Perehinets personal exhibition took part in Yaremche ethnography and ecology museum on 24 November.

    Vasyl Perehinets is not only a ceramist but he is a painter and works as a designer of interiors, using stain glass windows in his work. He realized more than 20 projects, one of them - decoration of Pysanka museum in Kolomyia .
  2. 07.09.2020
    The Open Space of The Museum Library ⏤ detailed
    Банер проекту Музейна бібліотека - відкритий простір

    The Open Space of The Museum Library

    With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation the National Museum is working on the fulfilling Museum Library. The Open Space.

    The Museum Library includes 13765 books, over 50000 archive documents, photographs, over 700 newspapers and magazines of the 19th-20th centuries. The aim of the project is to enlarge the library space to provide better access for a wider range of the book lovers.

  3. 10.08.2020
    The Inclusive Museum Site ⏤ detailed
    Банер проекту Інклюзивний музейний сайт

    The Inclusive Museum Site

    Thanks to the support of The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, The National Museum of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyy begins project to adapt the museum's website in accordance with international standards of web accessibility.

    The hutsul museum website has been active since 2009. Now it is a resource with an big volume of museum and art information. Current and archival exhibitions highlights, museum events and activities, search work results and creative workshops activities presented here.

  4. 09.08.2020
    The Hutsul World Of Onufriy Munchuk ⏤ detailed
    Обкладинка видання Жьиб'ївські новели

    The Hutsul World Of Onufriy Munchuk

    The Hutsul World publishing series has been enriched with The Novels Of Zhabie book by Onufriy Munchuk.

    The Hutsul World series has been founded by the National Museum and The International Hutsul Society.

  5. 20.07.2020
    The Keeper of the Pokuttia Traditions ⏤ detailed
    Майстриня декоративного ткацтва, вишивки, бісероплетіння   Катерина Романенчук

    Greeting to Kateryna Romanenchuk

    The Keeper of the Pokuttia Traditions

    On 20, July Kateryna Romanenchuk, a craftswoman famous for her achievements in weaving, embroidery and bead work, celebrates her birthday.

    She is the member of the Zhuravka Regional Union of Folk Art Masters  and Ukrainian Women’s Union.