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Кольорові схеми

Розмір шрифтів


Театральна, 25
Коломия, Івано-Франківська область

Час роботи 10:00 - 18:00

Вихідний – понеділок

Вартість квитків

40 гривень

20 гривень – для студентів

15 гривень – для учнів


2018 in National Hutsul Museum

  1. 28.12.2018
    On The Other Side Of The Tysa River ⏤ detailed
    Учасники фестивалю зимової обрядовості «Мармація 2018»

    On The Other Side Of The Tysa River

    National Museum’s scientific workers are renowned for their research work. We couldn’t have missed the chance to do the research of the Maramorosh region in Romania on the occasion of the WINTER HOLIDAY TRADITIONS FESTIVAL.

    It was the 50th festival and it was dedicated to the one hundred’s anniversary of the Romanian ethnographic science.

  2. 27.12.2018
    The beauty of the homeland ⏤ detailed
    Жіночі портрети з приватної колекції Олександра та Лариси Чернових

    The beauty of the homeland

    The private collection of the Chernov family is represented in Yaremcha Ethnography and Ecology museum.

    You can admire landscapes and female portraits by famous artists like M.Anastaziyevsky, V.Rozvadovsky, J.Lukavetsky, A.Setkovych, F. Krasytskyi, S.Tomin, V.Smirnov, Y.Ocheretko, E.Beznisko.
  3. 19.12.2018
    Exploring native trails ⏤ detailed
    Осінній пейзаж художника Миколи Яцурака

    Exploring native trails

    Mykola Yatsurak’s “Exploring native trails” exhibition was opened at Yaremche Ethnography and Ecology museum.

    Artist from Kolomyia is fascinated by nature of our region. Magic Hutsul churches, waterfalls and mountains won’t leave you indifferent.
  4. 14.12.2018
    Перевидання "Домашня кухня. Як варити і печи" Леонтини Лучаківської


    National Museum hosted an event for the NEW CUISINE VITAMINOUS (1928) and HOME CUISINE.HOW TO COOK AND BAKE (1910) books by Osypa Zaklynska and Leontyna Luchakivska.

    The cook books were published and brought for the event by the guest from Kyiv, the founder of the UKRAINIAN CUISINE publishing project Oksana Khmara.

  5. 06.12.2018