National Museum of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyy

Pysanka Painting Museum

Pysanka MuseumPysanka Painting Museum

The viable power of "pysanka" (Easter egg), its unique beauty, the richness of ornamental compositions and, of course, customs and tradtions connected with it, were put into the basis of erecting the only one in the world Museum of Pysanka in Kolomyya, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The architectural construction is built in the shape of an Easter egg, as an original and peculiar advertisement of the Museum, the collection of wich includes more than 12,000 Easter eggs. The architectural building is shaped as 13 meter painted egg.

For us, Ukrainians, Pysanka is not only the symbol of life, good and hope, but is also a magic protection of our nation, its philosophy and culture. It's almost impossible to comprehend it nowadays.

The art of making Easter egg goes back to the ancient times and reflects the imagination of our ancestors about the world. The secret of an egg - the germ of life, like the secret of the world tree, summons various associations. It was one of the greatest wonders for people of all times.

This ancient and ever young art absorbed the artistic skills, the richness of compositions and the  unique of color range.

Among the most important and the most ancient symbols of pysanka was the Sun - the source of life, renewal and hope. Each region of Ukraine has its typical colors and compositions which make certain system of information codes used for ages. Today we read them as ornament and consider pysanka as the work of art. But the historical and moral aspects of this ancient symbol of mankind is not learned much up to nowadays.

Today the development of "pysankarstvo" goes on thanks to the variety of masters' styles. Their fantasy modifies the ornaments and shapes, polishing the technique of "pysanka" painting. But the pure source from which "pysanka" was born is left aside.

Single in the world Pysanka Museum promote the return to the spiritual sources, their wisdom and strength having collected the samples of pysanka paintings from different regions of Ukraine: Hutsulshchyna, Pokuttya, Bukovyna, Lemkivshchyna, Boykivshchyna, Opillya, Podillya, Polissya, Prydniprovya, Slobozhanshchyna and Prechornomorya. A separate section in the museum's exhibition is taken by "pysankas" decorated by Ukrainians living on different continents.

Considering the fact that in other foreign cultures the egg was the ancient symbol of life as well and it was decorated with various patterns and used during different ceremonies, the special place in the museum exhibition is taken by Easter eggs and decorative eggs from Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, France, Chine, India, Argentina, Canada, USA, Israel, Shri Lanka, Pakistan, and Egypt.

The language of those decorative patterns is the language of goodness, protection and peace. Let’s listen to it! Let’s join our hands and hearts in symbolic circle, in the centre of wich is the most beautiful “Pysanka” of universe, whose name is the Earth.

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