National Museum of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyy

Kosiv Museum of Hutsulshchyna Folk Art and Life

Kosiv MuseumKosiv Museum of Hutsulshchyna Folk Art and Life

Kosiv has long been known as the capital of Hutsul folk art. Here, in the pearl of spiritual culture, main folk crafts have been concentrating and developing. That is woodcarving, pottery, weaving and embroidery, artistic metal treatment and leather working.

Today this unique and rich historical,artistic and ethnographic legacy is represented in the exhibition and museum collections of Kosiv Museum of Gutsulshchyna Folk Art and Life. It is one of the building blocks of our national culture.

Kosiv Museum as a branch of Kolomyya Museum of Hutsul and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Y. Kobrynskyy was opened in 1969. The collection of folk art works by E. Y. Sahaydachnyy (1886-1961), famous Ukrainian painter and art critic, made the basis of the museum's exhibition.

The exhibition introduces folk arts and crafts of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The things of everyday life, such as scoops, konovky, paskivnyks, keptars and kozhuhs, taystry, cheres belts (purse), candlesticks, pitchers and bowls distinguished by exquisite shapes and original decoration attract the attention.

Ceramics of the second half of nineteenth century is widely represented by the works of A. Bahmatyuk (1820-1882), P. Baranyuk (1816-1880), P. Koshak (1864-1941). They are characterised by originality of color and decorative flavour. Traditional Kosiv ceramics of the mid twentieth century is represented by works of P.Tsvilyk (1894-1964), A. Roshchybyuk (1903-1981), M. Roshchybyuk (1903-1972),Y. Ilyuk (1915-1995), R. Ilyuk, N. Verbivska, V. Shvets and O.Shvets (1945-1999), M. Ryopka, V. Dzhuranyuk, Y. Zarytska, V. Strypko ...

The collection of Yuriy Shkriblyak's (1822-1884) and his sons' Vasyl Shkriblyak (1857-1928) and Mykola Shkriblyak (1858-1920) works from the village of Yavoriv is of great artistic value.

The creative work of famous masters of woodcarving, honored folk art masters, members of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists (Y.Kopanyuk (1884-1977), V. Huz (1904-1991), V. Kabyn (1908-1970), I. Hrymalyuk ( 1904-1989), O. Hovanets, I. Kocherzhuk and many others) is comprehensively presented in the museum.

Embroidery, weaving and "lizhnykarstvo", artistic leather and metal working are exhibited separately.

Various exhibitions are frequently held in the Museum of Folk Art and Life of Gutsulshchyna. The original design of exhibition structure, tours, consultations for professionals and ordinary folk art enthusiasts give the opportunity to better and more deeply understand the original culture and art history of this magic Carpathian area.

Museum Address: 55, Nezalezhnist Street, Kosiv, Ukraine

Phone: +38 0278 21643 

Ticket: Adult - 5 UAH; For students - 3 UAH.

Ticket to the temporary exhibition: Adult - 3 UAH; For students - 1 UAH. 

Excursions: Adult - 35 UAH; For students - 25 UAH. 

Photography: 25 UAH. 

Movie: 50 UAH.

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