National Museum of Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyy

Visitor information

Tickets for the Permanent Exhibition

Adult: 12 UAH
Students: 8 UAH
Pupils: 5 UAH

Tickets for the Temporary Exhibitions

Adult: 3 UAH
Students: 2 UAH
Pupils: 1 UAH

Guided Tours

Adult: 50 UAH
Students and pupils : 30 UAH
Foreign language : 60 UAH

Photography fee: 25 UAH
Movie fee: 50 UAH


25, Teatralna Street
Ivano-Frankivsk region

Opening Hours

Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-18:00
Monday: Closed


Telephone: +38 03433 24404


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Pysanka Museum

Pysanka Museum in Kolomyya

The only museum of Easter eggs in the world. The unique building constracted in 2000. Architectural monuments of Ukraine.

Hutsul Folk Art and Life Museum

Kosiv Museum of Hutsulshchyna Folk Art and Life
Based on a carefully assembled collection of Carpathian Art and household items of Hutsul locality.

Ethnography and Ecology Museum

Yaremcha Museum of Carpathian Region Ethnography and Ecology
Museum deals with the issues of ethnography, ecology, history and development of handicrafts in Prykarpattya.